Here are some links to my favorite political action groups:


Paul Revere John Singleton Copley
John Singleton Copley, American, 1738–1815  “Paul Revere” (1768)


Senator Bernie Sanders

Bernie brought a ray of hope into American politics in 2016, with his seemingly quixotic presidential run that turned into an enormous wave of optimistic good sense that crashed over the political scene.  I first saw Bernie in one of the debates between the Democratic hopefuls- I couldn’t believe he was actually telling the truth about American inequality and outsize corporate power in politics that I had been teaching about for years in my sociology courses.  It had never occurred to me that a politician could actually speak the truth and defend the weak- a sad comment on my experience of American politics.  While he didn’t win, he changed the discourse of American politics, pioneered a fund-raising strategy free of corporate influence, and sparked a wave of grassroots political activism and involvement that (I believe) will reinvigorate American politics with a healthy dose of morality and justice.  The video above was taken at a rally in Portland, when a little bird also seemed to know that Bernie is a good one.


Our Revolution

Wolf Pac

Move to Amend

Black Lives Matter