Links to some of my favorite art institutions:


Lynn McCarty (2012) “Smoosh”

The Museum of Modern Art in New York

I wrote my dissertation about this museum and so I know A LOT about it.   However, I haven’t been there since I left New York ten years ago.  But ten years ago, it was a great experience.  I’m not a fan of the building, which I found rather alienating and confusing, but the art is beyond compare.  Their permanent collection is a must-see for anyone interested in modernism- they have a collection of modern masterpieces that can’t be matched.  They also have splendid education and research facilities, including an excellent website with lesson plans, videos, and an interactive tour for kids.


The Walker Art Center

The New Museum

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Whitney Museum of American Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Art


Links to some of my favorite artits

Bruce Nauman

One Hundred Fish Fountain (2012)